• We are a company that, since our establishment in 2004, has specialized in the manufacturing of functional, high quality toothbrushes and dental care products in Korea.
• We have conducted continuous research and development with regard to dental care products and aim to make our brand global by exploring both domestic and overseas markets.
• We endeavor to develop new products which meet the customer’s needs by means of product planning, development of new material, production and quality control, and marketing based on our unique technology and know-how.

• Our functional toothbrushes feature special materials combined with unique design and are very suitable for premium markets. Customers who try our products experience substantial satisfaction with their superior quality and effectiveness.

• We have developed a comprehensive variety of truly unique and one-of-a-kind products, resulting in many world-first products.
• Our disposable interdental brush, the ‘DentiPix,’ is a B.O.K.-exclusive item which, despite its disposable aspect, has the form factor of a normal toothbrush. The filaments are made of nylon, as with general toothbrush products, which ensures that it will be gentle on both teeth and gums. The concept of the DentiPix is based on the idea of “another tooth brushing.”

Main Products
Functional Toothbrushes, Disposable Interdental Brushes

Become a global brand for dental care products.
We are the leading manufacturer of dental care products in Korea. We pursue a management strategy of careful observation, creative thinking, and positive action to fulfill the customer’s needs, and we will constantly improve the value of our company to become a global brand.


B.O.K. Co., ltd.
Mr. Kyoungbok Lee

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