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A reprint of a e-book initially released in 1964, with new contributions atmosphere a latest context. the unique booklet is produced from 10 chapters protecting and describing the equipment of in depth farming of chicken and farm animals in the course of the Nineteen Sixties. It used to be aimed toward developing understanding concerning the construction of animals lower than man made and harmful stipulations that be triumphant in factory-like installations. concentration is given on broiler chickens, chook packing stations, battery birds, veal calves, foundation of caliber, volume as opposed to caliber and animal cruelty and laws. to be had In Print

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Because the kin farm of the day past gradually loses floor to the company farm of day after today, pundits and undeniable parents alike bemoan the lack of the homely, down-to-earth rural lifestyles that few really recognize or take note anymore. Allan G. Bogue is a striking exception. A mythical agricultural, political, and financial historian, and considered one of simply 3 historians ever elected to the nationwide Academy of Sciences, Bogue has for the final fifty years written in regards to the political and financial forces shaping agriculture.

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Animal Production 48, 419–425. H. (1965) The assessment of pain and distress in animals. Appendix III. R. (Chairman) Report of the Technical Committee to Enquire into the Welfare of Animals Kept under Intensive Husbandry Conditions. HMSO, London. Toates, F. and Jensen, P. (1991) Ethological and psychological models of motivation: towards a synthesis. A. and Wilson, S. (eds) Farm Animals to Animats. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, pp. 194–205. ANIMAL MACHINES The New Factory Farming Industry This page intentionally left blank Animal Machines The New Factory Farming Industry Ruth Harrison Foreword by Rachel Carson This page intentionally left blank Foreword The modern world worships the gods of speed and quantity, and of the quick and easy profit, and out of this idolatry monstrous evils have arisen.

The farmer switched on the light and there was instant pandemonium within a row of narrow, enclosed crates at one end of the shed. When the noise subsided he carefully let down the shutter in front of one of the crates and revealed a calf standing in a space barely large enough to hold it, its eyes wide and staring, its face a picture of misery. Twice a day it saw electric light when it was fed. Otherwise it dragged out its existence in the dark, cramped and motionless, barely living before it was slaughtered.

As she makes abundantly clear, this artificial environment is not a healthy one. Diseases sweep through these establishments, which indeed are kept going only by the continuous administration of antibiotics. Disease organisms then become resistant to the antibiotics. Veal calves, purposely kept in a state of induced anaemia so their white flesh will satisfy the supposed desires of the gourmet, sometimes drop dead when taken out of their imprisoning crates. The question then arises: how can animals produced under such conditions be safe or acceptable human food?

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