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By Alan M. Dershowitz

The well known legal professional and bestselling writer unearths how impressive trials all through our historical past have helped to form our state. delivering insights into the human situation, those trials function a historic record, chronicling the struggles and passions in their time.

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The Lord Chief Justice now has responsibility for the JSB. He exercises this responsibility through the Judicial Executive Board. MAGISTRATES Lay justices Lay justices sit in magistrates’ courts, are part time and are unpaid, receiving only expenses. They try the majority of minor criminal offences; approximately 95% of all criminal offences are processed through the magistrates’ court. 22 THE JUDICIARY AND JUDICIAL DECISION-MAKING Judicial offices They do not need legal training, but must undertake a programme of practical training to allow them to sit in court.

Composition of court The Lord Chief Justice, Lords Justices of Appeal and puisne judges (High Court judges) from the QBD. HOUSE OF LORDS AS A COURT OF APPEAL The Judicial Committee of the House of Lords has historically been the highest appellate court in England and Wales. However, as a result of concerns that Law Lords who sit in this court are also involved in the process of creating legislation by virtue of their membership of the House of Lords as a second legislative chamber, the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 created a new court – the Supreme Court – to take over the judicial work of the House of Lords.

Jurisdiction of single judge of High Court The Act allows certain applications to be routinely heard by a single judge of the High Court. It does this by removing an obstacle that existed in the previous 38 CRIMINAL COURTS legislation by which the route of appeal for these cases is to the House of Lords, but the Administration of Justice Act 1960 provided that the House of Lords will only hear appeals in these matters from a Divisional Court (that is, more than one judge) of the High Court. The 1999 Act amends the 1960 Act, so that the House of Lords can hear appeals from a single High Court judge.

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