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Fan-blade heat gain is due to the energy lost in the conversion of mechanical energy to kinetic energy (moving of the air). It is dissipated as heat from the fan blades, it is considered an instantaneous heat gain to the airstream, and it is represented by the inefficiency of the fan. fan blade heat gain = power input to fan × (1 – fan efficiency) Finally, the remaining (useful) energy input to the fan, the energy used to pressurize the supply duct system, is eventually converted to heat as the air travels through the ductwork.

These include the load of the outdoor air, deliberately brought into the building for ventilation purposes, and heat generated by the fans in the system. These loads are added to the space load to determine the total cooling load for the building. Estimating these additional components is necessary to properly size the cooling coil for the system. TRG-TRC002-EN 43 period two Cooling Load Estimation notes RXWGRRU RXWGRRUDLU RXWGRRUDLU LQWDNH DLU KDQGOHU ZLWK IDQ DQG FRROLQJ FRLO VXSSO\ GXFW GLIIXVHU Figure 48 Ventilation Outdoor air is often used to dilute or remove contaminants from the indoor air.

The next two variables, the construction of the interior partition walls and the type of floor covering, help define the capacity of the space to store heat. This affects the time lag between the time that the solar radiation warms up the space furnishings and the time that the heat is released into the space. The last variable, whether or not internal shading devices are installed, affects the amount of solar heat energy passing through the glass. The 1997 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals contains tables of SCL values for common space types, based on combinations of these variables.

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