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By David R. Mets

In gentle of the age-old trust of Confucius that no concept is new, Dr. Mets examines the position of Colonel Warden within the Gulf conflict to figure out if a revolution in army affairs had happened. He depends on a number of twentieth-century antecedents to Warden, together with Giulio Douhet, Hugh Trenchard, and Billy Mitchell to distill a development. Mets additionally addresses no matter if ''the argument that antedated the Gulf warfare to the influence that such conflicts among states utilizing traditional guns and strategies are a urgent phenomenon.'' bankruptcy 6, the concluding bankruptcy, presents an outline of Mets's dialogue.

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Pape makes a major point that too often there has been a disconnect between targeting for military effectiveness, measured by physical damage, and targeting for strategic effectiveness, which should be measured in political outcomes. See Robert A. : Cornell University Press, 1996), 57–62, passim. 11. Douhet, 59–60. 12. Phillip S. : School of Advanced Airpower Studies, 1992–1993): 63. 13. Faber; Meilinger, 66–68; Overy, 78; and Michael S. : Yale University Press, 1987), 24–25. 14. Donnini, 46; and Douhet, 55, 70–72.

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Therefore, they could not be effective in the coastal defense mission. Of course, the Air Service worked for the chief of staff of the Army—and that tended to dampen the criticisms of the airmen a bit—but the General Staff came in for some substantial heat of its own. From the beginning, Mitchell saw a place for independent missions for air forces well beyond the battlefield. But in his mind they took on an ever-increasing higher priority as time wore on—with a relativ e diminishment of the role of the ground army.

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