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By J. D. Pagan, R. J. Geor

Featuring foreign authorities that awarded at KER meetings, this comprehensive collection of study and evaluate papers discusses such themes as subtle dietary requirements for horses, potent how you can bring food for horses in all athletic endeavors, attaining optimum development in younger horses, and making sure nutrient necessities are being fulfilled in reproductively lively horses.

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ЯЗЫК: Английский. Veterinary ophthalmology has multiplied significantly during the last few years. With all of the professional ophthalmology books now to be had, there's a desire for a concise reference booklet during this region. aimed toward veterinary surgeons and veterinary scholars, Notes on Veterinary Ophthalmology offers the reader with the entire crucial info required to diagnose and deal with ophthalmic problems in canines, cats, rabbits, horses and livestock.

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Because the relatives farm of the day prior to this progressively loses floor to the company farm of day after today, pundits and simple parents alike bemoan the lack of the homely, down-to-earth rural existence that few truly comprehend or take into accout anymore. Allan G. Bogue is a outstanding exception. A mythical agricultural, political, and financial historian, and considered one of basically 3 historians ever elected to the nationwide Academy of Sciences, Bogue has for the final fifty years written concerning the political and monetary forces shaping agriculture.

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54. Hood DM, Brumbaugh GW, Wagner IP. Effectiveness of a unique dihydropyridine (BAY TG 1000) for prevention of laminitis in horses. Am J Vet Res 2002;63:443–7. 55. Morrow LL, Tumbleson ME, Kintner LD, et al. Laminitis in lambs injected with lactic acid. Am J Vet Res 1973;34:1305–7. 56. Frederick MF, Frederick S. Treating refractory laminitis: a field study of refractory laminitic cases that resolved on pergolide mesylate. In: 14th Annual Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium. Louisville (KY); 2001. p.

However, I must admit that I think the continued lack of a complete understanding of laminitis is an embarrassment to our profession. We need to free the horse of this disease and we need to do it now. Hopefully, one day I will get to write my final article on the treatment of laminitis, which will get to include that success story. The Anatomy a n d Ph y s i o l o g y of the Suspensory Apparatus of the Distal Phalanx Christopher C. Pollitt, BVSc, PhD a,b KEYWORDS  Equine hoof wall  Secondary epidermal lamellae  Suspensory apparatus  Distal phalanx  Basement membrane  Hemidesmosome  Laminitis Research into the structure and function of the suspensory apparatus of the distal phalanx (SADP) has proven fundamental to the understanding of how laminitis develops (Fig.

The BM of the coronary and terminal papillae was folded into numerous ridges parallel with the long axis of the papilla. These longitudinal ridges on the surface of the papillae are analogous to the secondary dermal lamellae (SDLs) and probably share the similar role of increasing the surface area of attachment between the epidermal hoof and the connective tissue on the parietal surface of the distal phalanx. They may also act as guides or channels, directing columns of maturing keratinocytes in a correctly oriented proximodistal correction (Fig.

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