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Women's wishes are positioned on the centre of this assortment. The participants talk about the level to which the modern criminal framework on abortion fits the wishes of girls confronted with undesirable being pregnant. The publication includes sections on Britain, together with an account of the crusade to legalize abortion, written through these centrally concerned with that crusade; overseas comparisons of abortion legislation, with chapters on France, the U.S., eire and Poland; and chapters overlaying modern debates, together with men's rights in abortion and abortion for foetal abnormality.

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It is difficult to tease out what might lie behind the hesitation on the part of some of the interviewees to reveal their knowledge and experience of abortion. I do not wish to suggest strongly for the existence of ulterior motives in the tendency to provide anecdotes that involve a third person or in the presentation of failed rather than successful terminations. Most women freely provided frank and detailed responses to my questions about abortion. What I do want to argue, however, is that even if we conclude that some of my respondents were reluctant to reveal familiarity or involvement with abortion, this was not because they were wary of being seen to have transgressed codes of 'morality'.

S. '9 For poor women, too, the expense of such consultations generally precluded the possibility of therapeutic abortions. Furthermore, many gynaecologists, anxious to establish their subject as a viable medical speciality, were keen to distance themselves from methods that may have been associated with their rivals: women, midwives and pharmacists. They aimed to provide the medical expertise that would eliminate all need for abortion. 'll Above all it was religious and moral concerns that dominated contemporary medical and political debates about abortion.

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