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A nest of ants (family Formicidae; some species deliver a double-whammy of a burning bite and a searing sting) would make a fine weapon when encased in a clay pot. More than one ten-year-old kid has contemplated the possibility of using an ant farm to create mayhem— multiply this fantasy by a few orders of magnitude. Thousands of frenzied ants with a score to settle would have been just the ticket for flushing an enemy from battlefield cover or a fortified stronghold. But just as the integration of 18 Stinging Defeats and Venomous Victories pottery and entomology was heading toward a technological apogee, the balance of power in the art of siegecraft was undergoing a reversal of fortunes.

22 Having found the city’s fortifications impenetrable, the Scandinavians tried undermining the walls. Like a horde of obsessed gophers, the tunnelers could not be dissuaded from their subterranean escapades. Projectiles launched at the mouth of the tunnel outside the walls did not impress the burrowers. Finally, the English collected all of the city’s beehives and hurled them into the tunnel, summarily ending the military mining operation. More than 700 years later, the lesson was repeated with another Scandinavian army.

But this is not the only book of the Bible that scholars have scrutinized for evidence of insects having been weaponized in the ancient world. Biblical accounts of entomological warfare reveal tempting tidbits from which history can be tentatively reconstructed. Various books in the Old Testament allude to the use of insects in battle. ”12 And the most common tactic was probably dislodging an entrenched opponent. ” From this passage, historians surmise that insects were used like modern-day shock troops as a means of routing an enemy from a stronghold.

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