Our disposable interdental brush, the ‘DentiPix,’ is a B.O.K.-EXCLUSIVE ITEM which, despite its disposable aspect, has the form factor of a normal toothbrush. The filaments are made of nylon, as with general toothbrush products, which ensures that it will be gentle on both teeth and gums. The concept of the DentiPix is based on the idea of “another tooth brushing.”


NO MORE PICKING! IT’S A BRUSHING! DentiPix is a mini toothbrush.
1) This innovative product is based on the concept of “another tooth brushing.”
2) Fine nylon fibers smoothly penetrate into tight spaces between teeth, removing plaque, effectively cleaning up after meals, and leaving your mouth clean and refreshed.
3) Each end of the DentiPix holds two different types of bristles, each with its own function.
4) The cone-shaped tip cleans between teeth, while the flat tip on the opposite end removes plaque and massages gums.
5) The handle can be bent into any angle to easily care for hard-to-reach molars.
6) Disposable design effectively resolves potential sanitary problems caused by repeated use.xt.